The Victorian

A stunning 120 year old home is modernized with room restructuring, including the buildout of a spacious master suite with luxurious bathroom and walk-in wardrobe.

The state of this 1890s Victorian varied room-by-room at the start of the project; some rooms had been carefully preserved or restored by the former owner, while others were mid-renovation, and others bore cosmetic changes from various decades not original to the home’s architecture. Once acquired by The Architetta, the goal of the renovation was to first finish the restoration efforts by adding classic victorian detail that had been stripped while modernizing the home to fit today’s living desires. The most impactful architectural decisions included removing an ill-placed powder room in the kitchen to create a more functional layout; opening up a dark, closed-off staircase to the dining room, featuring a built-in bench and salvaged spindles; adding a full bathroom underneath the staircase; and creating a spacious master suite with a luxurious bathroom and walk-in wardrobe. Exterior work included restoring the front porch handrail and rebuilding the failing double-height back porch. This project also included a parcel split, allowing the home to be sold separately from a duplex that exists directly behind it.

Architetta- VICTORIAN
Architetta- VICTORIAN
Architetta- VICTORIAN

The Victorian won the 2016 Home Heritage Program Award from the Cleveland Restoration Society and AIA Cleveland.

Architetta- VICTORIAN
Architetta- Victorian


Though the home had the bones of a classic Victorian elements, the house was in desperate need of modernization and cohesiveness. The exterior required an update and recreation of historic elements, while the interior showed signs of the home’s age and outdated cosmetic work that contrasted the original architecture.


Floor plans (After):